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Kenyan Writers - stop hiring them?


❶We have made all efforts to make sure our writers feel at home with us. Our team is made up of expert online writers who have had expansive experience in writing.

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Billions of dollars have been sent to the continent, but much of it has been stolen by corrupt officials. The same is largely true of Kenay. This is not acceptable. Indeed, Adam Lerrick argues that. As the world contemplates an unprecedented transfer of taxpayer funds to faraway places, good governance on the receiving end must be convincingly demonstrated over time. In the interim, rich nations must underwrite more aid but in a meaningful manner: Grants that address the most basic needs of the poor, paid out only for performance; endowments that do not lend or spend but protect resources and draw upon income to leverage funds in the capital markets.

This may well be the most important thing to keep in mind when considering the Africa corruption question. We must be very sure where money goes. With the economic troubles of recent years will Kenya get even worse? A global recession took place in the late s, resulting in a big drop in international trade, rising unemployment and falling commodity prices.

Many economists believe the crisis began because of a big asset boom in the United States. Banks and other lenders gave away many loans at very low interest rates to people who simply who could not afford to pay back the money.

In the beginning this led to a huge boom in housing prices because there were so many buyers in the housing market and there was a high demand and a somewhat low supply. However, eventually what happened was that people began to default on their mortgage payments. When Bear Stearns, an investment bank that had borrowed heavily and then had the rug pulled out from beneath it big losses in the mortgage sector failed in , people got very worried Cohan, The American government bailed it out and there was a period of some relief.

In October of another bank, Lehman Bros. After the failure of Lehman Bros. The American government had to step into bail them out. By the turn of the new year, there was a new American government, led by Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the United States, and a basic sense of stability had been restored.

Talk turned to how the system could be rebuilt and restructured most successful. In that respect, they have not been hit too hard. But they do rely on commodity prices which at the beginning of the crisis went down. Now these prices are going up again. This is also a problem for the Kenyan economy.

It appears that the recession did not have a huge impact on African economies because they are so disconnected from the world economy. The lessons coming out of this calamitous situation are very important not only to prolonging and improving the lives of HIV-infected people in Africa but for others around the world. Definitely impressed by not only their professionalism, but also how fast they were able to deliver the work to me.

Professional Writers Kenya helped me in developing my Business Plan. We will confirm if we can complete the order within the stipulated timeframe and send you the order quotation. After order completion, we will email you the order. Thereafter, you have a 3-week period to request for revisions.

The best writing service providers in Kenya. About Us Welcome to Professional Writers Kenya, the leading Kenyan custom writing company based in Nairobi with years of experience on the market. Top Notch We pride ourselves on consistently producing the highest quality written content available in the Kenyan market. Timely We never slack on the job. Affordable Our services are competitively priced and commensurate with the level of service and quality we provide.

Services We offer a wide range of writing services including the following: There are rational arguments to defend racism, jingoism or perceived superiority but unfortunately the same characters fanning those vices are always diverting sensible arguments using vague and incomprehensible pretexts like language flaws , country of origin e.

Rather than focusing on the content of the argument , flimsy reasons are given to justify their naivety. I remember that my tutor always said that dismantling the argument of a racist is like shooting fish in a barrel.

The point of argument is about condemnation of a whole society using baseless theories. I have given examples of common misconceptions about specific societies i. Threatening Kenyan writers in a blog because of the actions of 3 or 4 people is nothing but personal fantasy. I could sum up the argument as a fallacy. Fallacious argument are very common on this board and sometimes they seem to be appealing and of sense if a person does not understand the content of the argument.

Diversionary tactics ,distortions et al.. Hasty generalizations of a whole community can be traced back to discriminatory behaviours. I dont think any kenyan or indian or any other person in that matter should be worried because of 3 people, or a blog threatening 10, hardworking fellows.

I cant pinpoint that you are a racist with other folks but the undertones are visible. If a particular person in the forum is nuisance to your existence then deal with him individual rather than exposing your inner true colours. Criminality cannot defended by counter-accusations, i condemn strongly with all possible terms the behavior of individuals selling and buying accounts and equally those who aid students to falsely graduate with external efforts.

What you need to understand is that Kenyans are more educated than you people. You put your trust in what we do. In-fact with our writings, we have made some of you to be doctors and professors, who talk loudly, with furry signifying nothing. We still own you people. You are boasting and even the U. He rules you and makes you bow down for him. As so long as the man Obama will be the president, we Kenyans will dominate the industry. If you continue to scam us, we will make all the students using your sites to fail their PHD and masters.

I was being sarcastic about the forum regulars banning Kenyan IPs. I guess you come from where they find fault in this: The following usernames based in Kenya are associated with the same, fraudulent company in Kenya: Am I in "a blocked-IP status", or you have temporarily disabled it so that I can assess your "informed" lessons. Writers Beware, I am not trying to defend any person in this forum rather i am trying to make a factual argument based on the fallacies posted.

I have equally condemned their behaviors if they are evil but we should not desist from repudiating characters who coil themselves in a shell of racism and superiority. There are many subtle forms of racism exposed by your arguments but due to ignorance , superiority complex and other evil forms it makes you hard to understand and accept. You have argued that "yourself" alongside others have infact contrary opinion regarding blanket condemnation while at the same time writing the names of all Kenyan contributors of this forum as members of a particular company??

There sin, posting from the same country. I even do not know the members you have listed coming from Kenya but in your "evidence" of their IP address they are all one and the same. Or should i learn how to write English also??

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Welcome to Professional Writers Kenya, the leading Kenyan custom writing company based in Nairobi with years of experience on the market. With a team of excellent writers, we offer a variety of writing services ranging from report writing to editing, academic writing and article writing among others for both local and overseas clientele.

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There are numerous essay writing competitions all over Africa; you merely have to look for them. Today we’ll be talking about the type of essay writing competitions in Kenya to be more specific. Why Enter Into an Essay Writing Competition? Entering into an essay writing competition is a smart thing to do. Not only are you exposed to unique writing .

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professional writing services atlanta, essay writers test, write an essay in german, emphatic order essay writing. kenyan essay writers Professor Mako. Ewart kenyan essay writers Keep. paid to write essays University of Karlstad. College in . Feb 20,  · hire(d) Kenyan writers. What was the outcome? The buying and selling of accounts, stealing clients (email addresses in doc properties and sometimes inserted into the work itself), and childish tantrums on public forums. Reverse racism is what we are facing. It is no longer possible to trust Kenyan writers; too risky.